Friday, October 15, 2010

So Close...

Under the moonlit sky
Is where I want to be with him tonight.
If only I could take away his time
And make it all mine .

Oh how I wish he feels the same
This longing that I can't contain.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I can't feel him anymore.
Maybe I should learn how to live alone..... again.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Will This Be a Happily Ever After?

He was staring at me as if I'll be forever gone...
Not knowing what he was thinking, my heart was pounding with fear.
Will this happiness end now?
Did fate gave me another burden to bear?

It's just been four months...
We knew each other a year before but we never had the chance to talk.
I heard few stories about him
But I never thought that we will come this far.

As he started to speak,
i just want to be deaf...
I don't want to hear the words "I'm sorry....but this has to end..."
No! Please don't!
We were just starting..
What we have was just the beginning..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

41 Things I Knew About Him

This one's tough... but I'll still try to think of 41 things about him...  
1. His favorite number is 41.
2. His favorite basketball player is Dirk Nowitzki (where he got number 41)
3. He is an only child.
4. His favorite color is red. 
5. He is 6 feet tall.
6. His shoe size is 12.
7. He loves playing basketball (Isn't it obvious? That's why he's a basketball coach at Milo Best Sports Clinic)
8. His favorite movie is My Sassy Girl.
9. He used to like Angel Locsin (and tried to watch most of her movies... haha)
10. He studied at Bataan National High School.
11. He graduated from UP Diliman.
12. He is taking up his MS in Human Movement Science until now.
13. He loves to eat kimchi, sisig and kilawin.
14. His favorite fruit is avocado.
15. He wants to join the iron man triathlon.
16. He has one ex girlfriend :(
17. He had placed his father and mother's wedding rings to mortgage and never got it back. (loko yun e!)
18. His favorite singers are Josh Groban and Jed Madela.
19. He likes to sing Per Te by Josh Groban.
20. He is a member of APO fraternity.
21. He doesn't want to teach dancing.
22. When he was a child, he dreamed of becoming a sport's analyst or commentator.
23. He has a 750 sq. m. lot in Bataan (which he inherited from his parents).
24. He hates reading books (which I like doing).
25. When he was still young, most of his family's fortune got lost because of pyramiding scam.
26. He likes Karl Marx. He's a fan of communism.
27. He likes walking in the rain, so nobody will see him crying - Charlie Chapman (I hope I could be the one to dry those tears away...)
28. He would do anything to make other people happy :)
29. He likes to tell jokes.
30. He doesn't like people who try to put him down.
31. He recommitted himself to Christ last July 2010 :)
32. He was deprived of birthday and Christmas celebrations since he was a child. (That's why I want to make these days very special and memorable for him.)
33. He doesn't want to work abroad because he wants to serve his fellowmen.
34. He has a red bike.
35. He doesn't know how to drive (but I wish he would learn someday.. hehe).
36. He is arrogant. (haha totoo yun, mayabang talaga siya)
37. He wants all things to work based on what he planned. 
38. His greatest dream in life is for his parents to be proud of him through his achievements.
39. His greatest fear in life is to be alone.
40. Happiness is very important to him.
41. He loves to surprise people and be surprised! ;)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is For Him

I am a simple woman. There is nothing special about me but I am always holding on to my faith in God. Like any other woman, I also dreamed of being loved by another. I have been constantly praying for him since I was a child. To share my whole life with somebody until I die would be the greatest gift that I will receive from God.

However, I will not dwell much on myself. This blog is not about me. It is about somebody who makes me happy and makes my life wonderful! He doesn't know anything about this. But someday, when it's the right time, I hope I'll be able to make him smile and let him know how special he is to me...

Just read on to learn more about him. :)

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